Horse Camping Equipment and Outfitter Supplies takes pride in offering you only the finest selection of western  Horse Camping Equipment And Pack Supplies available online today. We know that our customers look for quality and well made pack saddles. After 25 years packing & guiding in Wyoming and Montana, these products have our stamp of approval. M White

Because some people are intimidated by knots and others lack access to a packing class or a professional packer, we developed the Not-A-Knot System, professional horse camping equipment that anyone can use with our pack saddles. Incorporating secure TrailMax top packs and Ralide-West panniers, this system is entirely knot free. It is so simple, anyone could pack and load their horse in four easy steps. And once loaded, it is like having a diamond hitch securing your load. The Sawbuck Not-A-Knot System includes Traditional Sawbuck Pack Saddle, one (1) pair of Ralide-West Horsepac Panniers, TrailMax Wool Pack Pad and TrailMax Top Pack. Color: orange or brown. 

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